$ sudo fwconsole reload -- workaround
For every update you make in FreePBX you'll need to "Apply config", i.e. restart the service.

Follow these steps to remove this lazy coding error.
(Ubuntu 20.04 + Asterisk 18 + FreePBX 15)

This text is part of a users guide and there is an index page to look at.
You can write to me at the FreePBX forum, Civilpolisen.

2021-11-26 Seems like infrastructure is behaving better! :-)
When Permission denied keeps bugging you!

jakob@pangolin:~$ sudo -s
root@pangolin:~# fwconsole chown
Setting Permissions...
Setting base permissions...Done in 3 seconds
Setting specific permissions...
72576 [============================]
Finished setting permissions
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